Student Council

About the Council

At ICS, the Student Council promotes the interests of all students through meetings with the school administration, staff and parents. The Student Council is made up of student representatives from grades 4 to 12. Meetings are held every quarter and the feedback passed on to the teacher-link who passes this on to the relevant department. The Student Council also organizes different school-wide activities and events such as parties, movie nights, bake sales and fund-raising initiatives for charity.

Mentoring and Counselling Program

ICS has put a mentoring program in place to support students socially, emotionally and spiritually. Students are taught to demonstrate decision-making skills and responsible behaviors in personal, school, and community contexts. They are also encouraged to develop social-awareness and interpersonal skills, establish and maintain positive relationships and develop self-management skills to achieve success in both school and in their personal lives. The mentoring and counseling caters mainly for Elementary, Junior High and High school students, and is done both in groups and individually.

Extracurricular and After School Activities

ICS offers a wide range of after-school activities for our students. We currently have soccer, basketball, volleyball, athletics, badminton, table tennis teams and a swimming team. Our teams compete in matches, leagues and tournaments with other international and local schools within Abuja.

Students may also take keyboard, violin and drum lessons.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are the Club days in ICS led by teachers and others by external leaders. The school has a wide array of clubs. This year’s clubs are:

Community Service

Desiring that our school make a positive impact on the world around us, ICS has a  community service requirement of 20 hours per year for all students in High School. Students have been involved in such projects as assisting students in the blind school, raising funds to assist IDPs, visiting local orphanages and giving material assistance, etc.


Regular School Events​

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Students will have special educational needs of some form during their educational journey. ICS believes that with targeted support and early intervention, most students are able to make significant progress, which enables them to return to regular classes at their grade level.