ICS High School comprises of Grades 9-12

The final four years of ICS focus on university preparation.  While ICS follows an enriched American curriculum, students are also prepared to write other external examinations, which will prepare them for universities around the world.  In addition to the core subjects of Science, English (grammar & literature), Social Studies and Mathematics, the school offers French, Spanish, Computer Technology, Music, Art, Bible, Moral instruction and PE. Numerous electives such as Psychology, Photography and Technical drawing supplement the core courses.

Grades 9 to 10   At this level students are in an environment which helps to prepare them academically, socially and emotionally for a seamless transition to the next two years in ICS or on to A level schools and foundation courses in Nigeria and abroad. At this level, they are expected to take the internationally recognized and accepted IGCSE ‘O’ level examination.

Grades 11 to 12  At this level students are making the final preparations towards admission into universities and further education institutes around the world. They are learning how to be independent and form positive and supportive relationships, how to look after themselves away from home and how to make the right choices. ICS encourages in them a desire to succeed, recognize their individual talents and capabilities and to realize that with this, each one of them can lead and be a part of positive change for the future.