Admission Application

ICS accepts students from Playgroup to Grade 12. Students from Grade 1 are required to complete an entrance test to determine where they are at academically.

For more information on ICS admissions, please call the Admissions Office on:
+234 704 613 4514.

Email address: or

Placement Information - Fact Sheet

The chart below is to help parents understand how our grade (class) system works in relation to other educational systems. All children joining the International Community School, from the age of 6, undergo a placement test to assess where their academic abilities lie. In ICS, we take into consideration their age and the results of their assessment. We use the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment method.

Students will have special educational needs of some form during their educational journey. ICS believes that with targeted support and early intervention, most students are able to make significant progress, which enables them to return to regular classes at their grade level.