Educational Goals

Goal 1: To encourage, facilitate and enable a personal relationship with God and develop a disciplined ethos of moral judgement.

As a school community, we will:   

  • empower each individual to understand, live, and bear witness to his/her faith in respectful awareness of other beliefs in a warm family atmosphere.
  • promote personal and communal prayer and reflection.
  • participate and pursue positive relationships with the wider community.
  • encourage a high standard of self-discipline and instill a deep sense of personal responsibility.
  • conduct our relationships according to the principles of honesty, compassion, and truthfulness.

Goal 2: To develop, implement and monitor teaching and learning practices that facilitate intellectual, emotional, physical and social   growth in a physically and internationally diverse environment.

As a school community, we will:

  • provide an enriched American based curriculum that recognizes and develops each individual in a continuously improving technological learning environment.
  • provide a highly skilled and experienced faculty with a continuous program of professional development and changing pedagogy.
  • provide opportunities to develop skills for effective decision-making and leadership.

Goal 3: To collaborate in a globally diverse community.

As a school community, we will:

  • empower our students to be independent and articulate communicators who are critical thinkers, innovative, analytical and problem solvers in a diverse environment.
  • nurture a positive and cooperative working relationship among and between students, parents, administration, faculty, staff, other school and educational organizations.
  • celebrate and share our diverse cultures and national traditions to enhance international understanding and show an appreciation for the cultures and customs of the country in which we live.