ICS is known for its warm family atmosphere where teachers cultivate positive and supportive relationships with students.

Our focus is on student-centered learning where students can not only participate but also take the lead responsibility for their learning. We encourage students to learn with their peers, while the school provides for their individual academic needs.

The ICS faculty is made up of 60 dedicated teachers from eight different countries, providing stimulating learning experiences for the students. Of these, over half hold a Master’s degree while some others are currently pursuing theirs.  Regular in-house staff training and opportunities to participate in teachers’ conferences and courses serve to keep our teachers and teaching assistants abreast of current educational pedagogy and practices.

Subjects offered include those under the four main subject areas, these are English, Mathematics, Science and Social studies in addition to Art, Music, Physical Education, and a number of elective courses.

We believe in giving our pupils every opportunity to be part of a community where we nurture a love of learning through a vibrant mix of academic and enriching extra-curricular activities, believing this will be the foundation of their personal journey through life.