Admissions Policies

  1. ICS is a Christian school and offers admission without regard to race, religion or nationality.
  2. The school reserves the right not to accept students who will not be able to benefit sufficiently from its academic program.
  3. Students will be accepted and maintained on the basis of their ability to meet the academic, moral and behavioral standards of the school.
  4. Age – Students entering first grade must be 6 years old by September 1st, etc. Rare exceptions may be made only on basis of thorough testing, where a student is clearly shown to be capable of performing at the next grade level.
  5. Students transferring to ICS from other schools will be given placement tests (ITBS) to determine their appropriate grade levels.These students are also expected to produce their last reports from their former school.In the case of high school students, they will be required to produce all their reports from grade 8 up to the grade they are applying for.
  6. English fluency
    1. Non-English speaking children may be admitted into the Play Group, Preschool, or Pre-kindergarten with the expectation that within a short period through their lessons and interactions they would have gained enough proficiency to cope with those levels.
    2. Students to be admitted in Kindergarten and above will be assessed to determine their level of proficiency in English.The school reserves the right to refuse admission to those who do not have sufficient knowledge of the language to cope with their class work.
    3. The school may offer probational admission for those with some English and who indicate potential to improve.The school may provide minimal individual assistance for such students for a limited part of the school day.
  7. High School Students
    1. High school students transferring from other schools are required to submit originals of their previous three years’ transcripts, transfer certificate and letter of recommendation.
    2. Grade placement will be determined by the school guidance counselor and/or high school principal on the basis of an entrance test and previous credits earned.